My sister and brother-in-law stopped by the hospital for a visit.  As we were sitting in my husband’s room chatting, my sister turned to me and abruptly said let’s go for a walk.  I never like leaving my husband’s side. I have my daily routine.  I like to be right there next to him so he knows I’m in the trenches with him, and so I can hear first hand what the doctors are saying about his ailments and treatment plan. But on this 76 degree winter day in Los Angeles I agreed to take a walk.  And my brother-in-law agreed to stay in the room with Thomas.  I grabbed my purse and off I went with my sister.


As we exited the hospital I felt the warmth of the sun on my face and immediately felt a sense of gratitude for living in a place where winter days feel like summer days. My sister and I didn’t have a planned destination, so we just talked and walked around Westwood.  We passed the various medical buildings and eateries and then stopped in front of a movie theater and continued our conversation about Thomas’ health, friends’ reactions to Thomas’ health, and inevitably a favorite Dixon Girls topic “What do you want to eat?” I wasn’t really hungry but it was lunch time and I needed to eat.  My sister said you want to go to Whole Foods.  I said sure.  We crossed the street and headed to my favorite grocery store.


When we entered the store I wanted to head straight to the sushi section.  My sister wanted to search for Manuka honey.  We didn’t find it because we were distracted by a dessert display filled with cookies.  One that looked like chocolate dipped Oreo cookies caught our eye. We determined it wasn’t an Oreo cookie because the shape was larger than an Oreo.  But whatever it was it looked yummy.  We decided to pass on the sweet treats and head over to the salad bar, but before we got to the salad bar we made a pit stop at the hot food bar.


As I was looking at the overcooked noodles I hear my sister say, “Earvin, how you doin?”  I look up and see Earvin “Magic” Johnson.  I thought to myself “My sister knows Magic Johnson?!  This fool never told me that!”  My sister continues towards Magic and he says hey and gives her a hug.  He has a look on his face like he was trying to figure out where he knew my sister from but was playing it off like he remembered her.  My sister then slaps him on his arm and says “I’m just playin’. I don’t know you.”  The three of us fell out laughin’, as I’m thinking to myself “This nut!”  I then said, “She said your name like she knew you”.  Magic said she did.  We chuckled again.  Then my sister asks for a picture.  I quickly told him my husband was in the hospital.  I figured if he was thinking about saying no to a pic he would change his mind after hearing that.  He said of course.   My sister snapped a picture of me and Magic, and then I snapped a picture of my sister with Magic.  I proceeded to tell him my husband was a Pistons fan.  He said, “It’s all good.  It’s Michigan.”  I also told him how my husband and I cried watching the video when he apologized to Isaiah Thomas. We thanked him for taking the time to take a pic with us.  He said you’re welcome and returned to getting his food from the hot food bar.  As we turned to walk away.  He said, “Tell your husband I hope he gets better soon”.



My sister and I walked away and laughed and recounted the moment over and over again.


You never know what you’ll miss out on if you stay in one place too long.  I think I’ll start taking a daily walk break. Getting out of your regular routine is where the magic happens.




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