Reflect, Release, Renew

2018 has arrived and it is now time to officially welcome it. 2018. . .a time to Reflect, Release, and Renew. It will be a year of multiple facets, bringing new challenges and perspectives.


Welcome to the My Unpredictable Wife Life Blog! This blog will feature weekly posts by yours truly and sometimes a few guest bloggers. Future blog posts will seek to provide encouragement for the discouraged, hope for the hopeless, perseverance for the weary, and inspire you to be flexible and adaptable in this unpredictable life.


This blog will also include entries on my #HealedHusband who lives with a myriad of health challenges.


As I reflect on 2017 and its many challenges, my unpredictable wife life taught me patience, adaptability, and flexibility as my role as a wife continued to evolve into that of a caregiver. My role as a wife AND caregiver caused me to release my flawed idea of a marriage that only included ‘in health’ and ‘for better’, and embrace the unpredictability of this wife life I was called to live.  I had to renew my image of the ideal marriage and grab hold of  the fullness of the vows. . .”for better, for worse. . . in sickness and in health”.  Renew is to make like new : restore to freshness, or vigor.  This renewal in my thinking allowed God to move me from waiting for things to be better and healthy before I could find joy in being married to a spouse with health challenges to realizing life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.


As I embark on 2018, with hope and optimism I will remember all the lessons the previous year taught me.  I will look at challenges as plot twists in the script of my life.  I will quickly adapt to sudden changes and I will remain flexible.  I will expect miracles and remember to extend the same grace I extend to others, to myself.


May your 2018 include some unpredictable moments, because after all that’s what makes life interesting.